Georges Doriot

One thing on my heart since starting was the need to establish weekly prayer to purposely avoid building the company in our own strength and ideas.  It is our intention to seek the Lord about every aspect of dodles and to build it under his headship by His design. Because of that commitment we have been meeting Monday mornings to seek God about specific things that develop each week.

On one such occasion this past July, we began praying about the upcoming financial challenges we would be facing as we approach the end of internal funding.  As often is the case, my business partner Joie Pirkey, having a prophetic gift, began receiving a vision from the Lord. I always find this encouraging as it has the effect of a shepherd correcting us and pulling us back on course as we often find ourselves wandering in some wrong direction and beginning to struggle.

In this particular vision, Joie saw what looked like an opening in the sky and an older man looking down interestingly towards me, with arms outstretched and a sort of rope connecting down from him to me.  A number of people were coming from behind him, looking over his shoulders. She knew this to be a renowned relative of mine, georges doriot and was hearing the words “the General” a few times through the vision. She was also hearing that we were to learn from him about business and we were to “follow the Doriot playbook” for steps on financing and business development.  It sounded almost as if he was highlighting the connection of the testimonies that run through families though I am not a direct descendant of him.

Georges Doriot teaching at Harvard Business School

Joie received revelation that this was the story of the blessing of my family lineage being repeated through me; the gifts and call associated with the Doriot family and how when we serve the Lord faithfully, He unfolds the blessing of this same story developing and repeating through the generations.

I knew of Georges Doriot only in passing, that he was some elite Harvard professor known as “the General” and that he was very influential in venture capitalism, though I had no idea as to the extent of his influence on the world economy.

Though I have grown to have complete confidence in Joie’s prophetic gift, I confess I had some challenges with this vision at first.  Was georges doriot even a Christian that he would be looking down from heaven?  If he’s in heaven, why would there be any knowledge or focus on the earth (or maybe this was only symbolic or should I reconsider my doctrines on the matter)?  How would a distant relative have any connection or interest in me that something would connect to me from him?

And a “Doriot blessing”?  That’s a head-scratcher that made me chuckle a bit. In my family, we always laugh about “the Doriot curse”.  There is a drive for entrepreneurship and success and education and teaching and even Christianity in the family, but everyone in my known Doriot family tree seems “cursed” or “snake bitten”, somehow becoming thwarted from reaching reasonable expectations.  So, my siblings and I joke about this “Doriot curse”, and it’s so foreign to think there could actually be a “Doriot blessing” on the flip side.

Eager to learn about my connection to my ancestor, I purchased an excellent biography by Spencer Ante: “Creative Capital: georges doriot and the Birth of Venture Capital”, where I would learn of a great man with a curiously similar path and calling in life.

Creative Capital: Georges Doriot and the Birth of Venture Capital

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