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This past year, as we've amped up beta testing launch of the app, some team members have been roaming the nation, hitting up the Cons!  There, we build relationships with artists, connect with fans and demonstrate why is the app for their creativity!

dodles named a “top 3” booth at CTNX

Our contests drew thousands at every show

Connecting with talent

As we engage artists and fans, we demonstrate how dodles will unlock a substantial new market for digital comics content to be consumed by the masses. We believe that our advances in animation will help fuel the growth of illustration in the next wave of social media interaction.

At the foundation of is a design app much like Photoshop or Illustrator, except simplified to fit a phone.  This has forced us to get very selective about functionality to fit mobile screens and keep it user-friendly. We want a ten year old or a Grandma to quickly be able to become an expert, which is a challenge especially with animation.

Opening New Artistic Opportunities has an intuitive drawing ability plus a groundbreaking animation suite. As you can see in the video below, you can animate simple components that can be managed easily in your phone. In the app, you will be able to purchase a city scene like this from one artist and a pre-animated character like this fella from another artist. Give him a command and in seconds you have an animated scene to publish. has the potential to open up many new financial opportunities for artists. It provides a platform for an easily animated comic book to be published where their fans could purchase subscriptions in our marketplace. It will drive demand for the licensing of scenes, characters, vehicles and objects to be used by the masses or for professional purposes. It will provide a dynamic way for artists to connect with users and share their work. That’s why the Cons are a greate venue for our dodles team to connect with artists.

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Join the fun

dodles is currently hiring:

  • Python Developer Intern
  • React / Reactive Native Intern
  • JAVA / libGDX Intern
  • Content Creation / Marketing Intern
Please send resumes to with one of the listed positions in the subject line.